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The Flame Vault

Flame? What is a flame, you ask? Well, in general, its a ranty, angry unconstructive email that serves no purpose other than to piss someone off. Criticism is not a flame. Criticism often has a purpose. A flame often makes personal attacks, is written with bad grammar, and generally resorts to curses and name calling.
Who are they written by? Usually, immature people. People who're basically arrogant enough to believe that their annoyance at something demands attention from the highest source--and also people delusional enough to believe that their incoherent ramblings will somehow ruin someone's day or cause a site to shut down. Unfortunately, some people can't handle flames and the immature people who send them end up winning. That's sad and unfortunate.
I don't get alot of flames. Maybe because most people realize flaming a fanfic is just weird. Well, every once in awhile, I get a flame and they cause much joy and happiness in my life.

Unfortunately, I have not had any recent flames. Since the one posted previously was so old (from 2002), I decided to remove it. The poster also apologized, so there's no point. Well, one day I'll get a new flame. :)

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