About the Author of the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy:

Janelle J. is author of the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy (Sailormoon Zodiac, Sailormoon Neo, and Sailormoon Genesis) a fanfiction series based on the Japanese animated series and comic book, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon

Janelle was first introduced to Sailormoon and the anime world in 1995 (when she was 13), when she saw Sailormoon dubbed on television. She was a freshman in high school at the time and decided to flex her writing muscles in December of 1995. She was already fairly active in the Sailormoon internet community: she was webmistress of the Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway, a now defunct website that was fairly well known at the time. Additionally, she is also known as a co-founder and ex-member of the Amazoness Quartet web review group, though at this time she no longer has any ties with them.
Janelle began planning for Sailormoon Zodiac in late November of 1995 and early December. The first drafts were posted on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, the early date of writing makes the Zodiac series the first American Zodiac based fanfic. She is currently still in the process of finishing the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy. Since 1995, she has written very few other fanfics. Tasuki 1/2 is her only other finished work, while various other projects stopped shortly after being started.

Janelle no longer writes fanfiction.